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You remember when you were younger that you went to the dentist on a regular basis. What happened to that annual schedule that your parents maintained for you? It seems like it's been years since you had a good teeth cleaning, and you know you have a cavity in there somewhere. You can feel it, and sometimes, let's be honest, you can smell it. And if you can, other people can - especially the people that love you. And why has your toothbrush been red after your brush lately? Is that blood? Are your gums bleeding and you're not doing anything about it? Are you aware that many physical ailments can be traced back to poor oral hygiene? So, why are you torturing yourself like this? The answer is money and time. You may have been hoping that your job would offer you free dental insurance, but that hasn't happened because times are tough. But what you may not be aware of is that you can get a low cost dental plan as an alternative to expensive dental insurance. For a low annual amount, you can have cheap annual checkups and deep discounts on most dental procedures. We offer family plans and individual plans. We have the most dentist listings in combined networks anywhere! Now you can get your teeth cleaned, all of your problems taken care of, and stop worrying about your bloody toothbrush. Simply enter a few pieces of information and let's get you on your way to quick activation!